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3D Printed Relief: Join Us in Helping the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts This Thursday

A firefighter in Queens NY, where there was a fire on October 29th. (AP, via Atlantic Wire)

With so many in distress in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, including several members of our team who are recovering from damaged homes, our thoughts go out to everyone affected. We were very lucky to emerge relatively unscathed, but we know there are still many without power, food, and homes.

As people throughout the Northeast rebuild their
lives, the Shapeways team and community felt passionate about doing our part to help with relief efforts.

This Thursday, we will donate 10% of our sales revenue to the American Red Cross’ Sandy relief effort: $0.10 on every dollar anyone spends on (excluding markup) will go to Sandy Relief.

Shop Owners, we hope you will join us in our efforts! We’ve heard that some of you would like to donate your markups to charity for the day (big thanks to Shapeways community member Michiel Cornelissen for starting the conversation). We invite you to join us on Thursday by pledging to donate your markups for the day to Sandy relief.

We will supercharge your efforts: by tagging your products Sandy Relief not only will you be pledging to donate your markups, you will secure a spot on the Shapeways homepage as we’ll be featuring those products from Thursday to Sunday.

We know there is still a lot of work to be done, but we hope you will join us in doing what we can.

Take a look at some of the Shapeways shop owners pledging to donate their profits so far

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