3D Printing Bacon to Infinity (VIDEO)

Infinite bacon is now possible direct from Shapeways 3D printers. The dream of 3D printing food, infinite possibilities, infinite supply is now possible with the ultimate food to infinity, 3D printed Bacon Mobius Strip.

Eating Bacon from the Shapeways 3D Printer

Finally it is possible, infinite 3D printed bacon with the Bacon Mobius Strip that is not delicious but also vegan and kosher friendly.. 

shapeways 3D Printed Bacon Mobius strip

Mobius bacon from the Shapeways 3d printer

You thought Kevin’s characters were two dimensional, the Bacon Mobius Strip takes that to a whole new dimension, check the video then order your 3D printed crispy bacon goodness, ready for the bacon lover in your life this giftmas..

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