Shapeways is Back Online

We are super relieved and happy to report that is back online!

F U, I'm a 3d printed meme

As you may have heard, due to a massive water surge caused by Hurricane Sandy, Shapeways servers, services, and internal systems were temporarily offline.  The outage was so extensive that it took out power at both our server center and our headquarters, making it impossible to offer a temporary solution. Luckily, all equipment was on high ground so there was no physical damage to our servers or 3D printers.

Our data center team and the city of New York have restored electricity to and our production systems.  Our 3D Printers are tuned up, our Service team is here to help, and our website is ready for you to keep making those ideas real.

The gloves are off while we prepare for the next onslaught to hit Shapeways NYC. MORE 3D PRINTERS ARE ON THEIR WAY NOW!!!!

We can assure you that we’re in the process of finding a solution that eliminates this risk in the future and can’t thank you enough for your patience and kind words. We hope that you all get back to creating and exploring the magic that is Shapeways.

Stay tuned! There’s a lot more exciting news heading your way, very soon…

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