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Our Sharks may not lurk in the cool waters of the ocean or eat seals, but at least they have sweet lasers for friends!

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite sharktastic models in honor of Shark Week.

Whale Shark Pendant by RareBreed

Whale Shark Pendant by RareBreed

This Whale Shark Pendant by RareBreed is one of my favorite models on Shapeways right now. My boyfriend and I went down to Isla Holbox, Mexico back in June and swam with Whale Sharks in the wild. The experience was one of my favorites from travel this far, and checked a life goal off my boyfriend’s bucket list. When I saw this pendant, I knew we needed to have it for Shark Week.
Cute Shark Earrings by Bridget

Cute Shark Earrings by Bridget

These Cute Shark Earrings by Bridget are awesome. When you have them in, it looks like your ear is being attacked! We like them best in Steel.
Shark Pendant by freeform
This Shark pendant by freeform is equal parts bada** and brilliant. His gaping mouth and sweet gills make this guy great as a necklace or keychain for the shark fans in your life.
A Shark swimming on your wall by kipiripi
Sharknado in your kitchen? Yes, it’s possible. Kipiripi’s Shark swimming on your wall is a great way to bring the outdoors in. A must buy if you’re a collector of 3D Printed wireframe animals as well.
iPhone 5/5s Shark Case by lumlumpun
All true Shark and Shark Week lovers need to dress their phone accordingly. Thankfully lumlumpun has you covered with this great iPhone 5/5s case. Get it for under $20!

Hope you all had a great Shark Week & that we can keep up our love and protection of these beautiful sea creatures all year round!

What other animal do you wish had an entire week dedicated to it?

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