Frankenstorm vs Shapeways

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As we brace ourselves in New York City for Sandy/Frankenstorm to hit tonight we will be wrapping our 3D printers in aluminum foil and locking our robots in a small windowless room on high ground.  This does mean that our printers and distribution center in NYC will be closed down on Monday October 28th so there may be a minor delay in some packages in the US and Canada.  We will still be printing and shipping from Eindhoven so there should be no delays in printing or distribution for the rest of the world, and our customer service team will still be able to answer all of your questions.

We will try and keep you informed as things progress via our @shapeways twitter account

For all of our friends on the East Coast of the USA, stay safe. 

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  1. Stijn / Virtox

    Stay safe guys! And good luck!

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