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Recommend A Friend this Weekend and We Will Share the 3D Printed Love with You

We are really, really close to signing up our 200,000th Shapeways community member and we know that word of mouth/social networks are the way most people find out about Shapeways 3D Printing in the first place.

We would love for you to help us spread the word so we can connect with our 200,000th Shapeways community member and as an incentive, we will contact the 200,000th member, ask them how they found out about Shapeways, and if you recommended them we will share the 3D printed love right back to you by delivering some special 3D printing to your door.

So this weekend, spread the word far and wide, recommend a friend to Shapeways and we will share the love right back to you.

PS. if the 200,000th person randomly found us, we will contact the 200,001st etc. until we find a social sign up.

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