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Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printed Designs at Shapeways This Week

Every Product Page on Shapeways has a Favorite button to the right so that you can let designers know just how awesome they are.  The Wishlist Button helps you to keep track of the 3D Printed goodness you want to have and hold.  Clicking either button will send love to the Feed, so everyone can see what 3D Printed products are popular at any one point in time. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular 3D printed designs for the past week in order of popularity from number 10 up to number 1.

10. Death’s Head Hawkmoth Skeleton 

Take a look at what they ALL have in common? Great images of the products… The most popular items with Favorites, Wishlist and Sales all have great photographs to let people know exactly what the 3D printed product looks like. So make sure you upload photographs of your designs to your product page with a 4:3 ratio (eg. 674 pixels by 501 pixels and under 2 meg).  If you see something you like in the gallery, share the love, favorite it or add it to your Wishlist, you never know, the 3D Printing Fairy may just deliver it to your door… 

9. Gyroid 

8. Some Call Me a Weeping Angel..

7. Clip-it US edition

6. GLaDOS ring

5. Thorn Dice Set with Decader

4. Bugle – iPhone Amp

3. Gyro the Cube

2. Success Kid

1. Button 2.0

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