1. Franceso De Comité

    By decreasing order of preference :

    Animaris Geneticus Parvus #5 Design by TheoJansen on front
    Hyphae lamp Design by nervoussystem near the TV
    Gyro the Cube (red version)Design by virtox in the hand of a visitor on front
    Klein Bottle Opener Design by Bathsheba near the chessboard on the front)
    Steve Jobs bust Design by sevensheaven (near the computer on the right of the stand)

    None of mines ? sigh … 😉

    1. Francesco De Comité

      I must leave a chance to other people…

  2. John Bussell

    Hyphae lamp by Nervous System, next to the TV below the shelf
    Two Origami Vases by susantio, one in black and one in white on the table out the front.
    Phamora by virtox, next to the mirror.
    Endless Hex Clock by alaswadi, printed in coral red on the wall above the shelf.
    Gyro the Cube by virtox, printed in coral red in the hand of a visitor. Also looks like a large white one on the corner of the table.
    Wave Pencil Holder by mauriciodgsantos, on the small table against the wall.

    Could probably identify a few more if I looked harder but those were the ones I like the most 🙂

  3. Sindarapos

    These are the favourites I was able to find 🙂 :

    *Coral Candle* , on the black shelve with all the fancy footwear.
    *Iphone 4 / 4s case – Cell* , on the front table next to the Animaris Geneticus Parvus.
    *Animaris Geneticus Parvus #5* , near the Iphone case on the front white table.
    *Rhizome Cuff* in red, also on the front table, close to the Iphone case.
    *Stereodiamond Necklace* in black, on the white table in front of the mirror.
    *Hyphea Lamp* , standing on the white cabinet next to the TV.

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