Kiosk 2.0! Get Your fresh 3D Printed Models!

Mobile printing at its most accessible…on the street corner between the hot dog guy & the mime.  Unfold Design Studio (also known for their 3d printed ceramics) follows up their orignal Kiosk project with a new & improved verison…Kiosk 2.0.  They state “Kiosk is a project that explores a near future scenario in which digital fabricators are so ubiquitous, that we see them on street corners, just like fast food today sold in NY style mobile food stalls.”  The mobile printing station features a Bits to Bytes FDM printer, multiple filament spools, & an onboard scanner all mounted to a sweet ride with an umbrella.

They ask “How does this scenario challenge our perception of authorship, originality, design, what the role of the designer when goods are moved around in the form of digital blueprints and appropriated in ways beyond our control?”  These are good questions to be asking as we move forward at the quickening pace of the 3d printed future.  


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  1. Fredrik

    wow, that’s so cool! But, it will be even better when we can print absolutely everything with a 3D printer, and in any size. Imagine downloading furniture on the pirate bay:)

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