An Invite to Submit Your Designs to SuperFanArt

Shapeways is super excited to be working with Hasbro to help bring more 3D printed awesomeness to the masses via SuperFanArt.  The first wave of the groundbreaking Intellectual Property and 3D Printing partnership was a huge success, and now we are ready for you to help take it to the next level.  Find out more details on the Shapeways SuperFanArt page.

Following is an open letter inviting the Shapeways community to participate.

hasbro superfan art brands

As you may have heard, Hasbro and Shapeways are working together to encourage artists to create and sell 3D designs based on Hasbro’s iconic brands. Our July launch of featured five artists and their My Little Pony-based designs. We’ve generated substantial press and attention for the artists, Shapeways and Hasbro with our story of a major entertainment company empowering fans to engage with their brands. Given this early success, we want to expand this opportunity to include more artists, more Hasbro brands and more 3D printed awesomeness.
This letter is an invitation for you to become part of SuperFanArt and the broader Hasbro and Shapeways communities, so we can help you promote and sell your designs to other fans. If you have a passion to develop 3D-printable art based on any of the following brands, we’d like to hear from you:
• Dungeons & Dragons
• G.I. Joe
• Monopoly
• My Little Pony
• Scrabble (to be sold in US and Canada only)
• Transformers
Get your designs ready and visit on August 22 for instructions on how to upload your work for promotion and sale. We hope you’ll join us in expanding the power of 3D printing by becoming a part of this exciting movement!
Your friends at Hasbro & Shapeways.
Find out more details on the SuperFanArt page on Shapeways.


  1. nosomosnada

    GIJOE brand is included? I see the logo but it isn’t in the list.

  2. Sigoshi

    Scrabble? What are you going to do, modify the scores on your own custom tiles? Print a Comic Sans tile set?

    1. Duann Post author

      oh yeah, comic sans, times new roman, braille, you could also make replacement tiles if you lose any or a custom tile holder but the real value may really be around associated merchandise. A ring, pendant or broach with your initials as scrabble tiles, some brass cuff links. If you search online for Scrabble gifts you will see mugs, coasters, key rings, pillows, all sorts of products.

  3. Duann Post author

    Hey Nosomosnda,

    Yes, G.I. Joe is included, thanks for pointing out. We are incredibly excited to see what G.I. Joe designs you 3D Print.

  4. nosomosnada


    I’m a big fan of GI Joe since I was little and retain a lot of figures and vehicles, comics and even VHS tapes with original animated series.

    I’ve been watching this from the first news of collaboration between Shapeways and Hasbro and it seems incredible news.

    I’ve always dreamed of a board game with 28mm figures of GIJOE and this might be a good time to seriously think about it.



  5. Chris Leung

    Do we need to first mail to somewhere to enroll or just wait for the instructions in on 22Aug?

    1. Duann Post author

      Hey Chris,

      If you sign up on, next steps and an artist contract will be sent out for all who wish to participate.

  6. James William Kincaid

    Am I missing something here? It’s August 22 and there are no instructions on the site to tell us about how we are supposed to submit our art. I did sign up back in July and received the email on the 15th of August relating the same information presented in this blog, but nothing more.

    This is very confusing. How did the five artists get picked in the first place? I’ve been visiting Shapeways everyday for years and know pretty much everything about Shapeways that an end user can know, yet I never heard a single word about how Hasbro’s was looking for artists.

    1. AmLachDesigns

      I think if you had made some ‘My Little Pony’ designs you might have been selected. This is a new initiative.

      It IS annoying that they said more info would be sent to us on the 22nd and it has not..

    2. AmLachDesigns

      Hi Duann,

      thanks for the info.

      My bad, I didn’t read the sign-up info carefully enough – I thought that by registering I would be sent an email, but on re-reading I see that that was never the deal… Not quite sure what the registration is for, then, but that is another question.

      I would also note that when you try to go to the second page of Recent Submissions nothing happens.

      Thanks again

    3. AmLachDesigns

      Also, in the details that you link to it says this:

      ’3D print your product through Shapeways to demonstrate print viability. ‘

      For a piece of jewellery that should be printed in a cast metal, could we print in (say) FUD to prove viability?

  7. Chris Leung

    Hello again! First thank you for the reply on my question above!

    Another question is about model tagging. If an existing model is already tagged as required, will it be included  in the program automatically?

    Also is the ‘recent submission’ session of model upload page under maintenance? I have difficulties in navigate through the pages of recent submissions. It is either not responding or only shows odd-numbered pages. I am using Safari of iOS 7.1.

    1. Duann Post author

      Hey Chris,
      As long as your design is tagged with BOTH the relevant brand AND SuperFanArt it will be considered for inclusion.

      I am really looking forward to seeing the designs you submit.

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