Update to Shapeways Shop Owner Pages with Sales Overview Download

There’s one thing that a Shapeways shop owner loves (almost) as much as sales, and that is data. A few weeks ago we introduced an improved ‘My Sales’ page. Today, we’re improving the Sales Overview Download (XLS) and it is full of data. The Sales Overview Download (XLS) is going to allow you to see exactly what models you’re selling in which material, when it has shipped, and which country it was shipped to. With this data you will be able to create your own shop analytics which can help you improve the performance of your shop.

We will of course be improving the tools on your Shapeways Shop page to make it much easier for you to have insight into what is selling in your shop so you can optimize for sales.

If you do not already have a Shapeways Shop it is easy to set one up. It is free, and you can start making money from your designs while Shapeways takes care of sales, fabrication, distribution and customer service.  

All you need to do is design and promote your products, we will do the rest


  1. Stijn / Virtox

    YEAH! More data! Awesome, I think all feature request are in there! Thanks for listening!

  2. Fredrik

    This helps shop owners a lot. Add as much as possible of features like these, because it is very helpful and gives a quick way of finding out what people want to buy.

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