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The winner of our metal 3D printing in titanium contest is

The winner of our metal 3D printing in titanium contest is…Huang Yanying with her model Spiral Cage. In second place is Whystler with Nocturnal. In third place ReedCSY with Cruxoid 2.0. The entries this time were phenomenal, and we hope that the two days we spent judging the contest, the time we spent pouring over your files to see which ones were the most printable and the discussions we had were worthy of all the work you put into this contest.  

We choose ReedCSY’s Cruxoid for the third place finisher because it was an agressive looking model that played with symetry, shape and looked cool.

Whystler’s Nocturnal is quite simply one of the best models we’ve ever had on Shapeways. For those of you that have missed his discription you need to check it out. His model is a working clock that tells the time by the stars. We love it and it would have been difficult at any other time to find a model that could top this.  

Huang Yanying’s Spiral Cage however captured our hearts with an elegant model that was emminently producible as well as well as demonstrating the capabilities of the process well. 

We are really awed by the effort and skill that was put into this contest and would like to congratulate all the winners as well as thank all the participants, you can check out all the entries here.

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