10% Off Smooth Colored 3D Prints at Shapeways

With the launch of our new, smooth 3D printed colors last week at Shapeways we are also offering a 10% discount on our new colors until October 31st.

We are really excited about the increase in quality of surface finish with our new colors and we want you to get your smooth, bright 3D prints into your hands as soon as possible.

Please be sure to enable your models in the new colors if you have not already done so and we LOVE to see photos of the new colors in your product pages of your shops.

Being smooth, colored 3D prints they are so much easier to photograph than white nylon (WSF) 3D prints.  Check out the photography tutorial if you need any pointers. 


  1. Magic

    I placed an order of my 3 Dice Sets and some extra dice in the 4 new colors 15 minutes ago. I am convinced the Polished Dyed Strong and Flexible is a great material for dice. I’ll post the pictures as soon as I receive them.
    In order to back Shapeways discount, I also reduced my markup on those dice sets for these new materials.
    To any shop owner that wants to do the same: feel free to post a mesage in the thread linked in “homepage” (just below)!

    1. Duann

      Oh nice, discount matching, thanks

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