Instructable: How to Make a 3D Printed Mold

We see a lot of people in the forums who want to use Shapeways 3D Printing to make molds so they can make batch runs of products in different materials.  We have posted previously on the Shapeways blog how others have 3D Printed molds for soap and Pookas who made a stamp using 3D Printing and Suguru.

How to 3D Print a mold

There is also a really helpful tutorial on Instructables by Rachel that shows how to 3D model and 3D print a mold. For her molds, Rachel uses an Objet machine with their ABS like material which gives a hard, smooth and relatively heat resistant finish as she is using an exothermic reaction to cure her finished parts (meaning the material produces heat when curing).  At Shapeways we use an Objet machine for our Acrylic Detail Materials but it does not have exactly the same material properties with a heat resistance down to 48C/118F so you may be better off using polished Nylon (PWSF) or Alumide which has a heat resistance of 80C/176F, 172C/342F respectively.

how to 3D Print a mold with Shapeways

Take a look at the instructable in it’s entirety and be sure to let us know of your learnings, success or failures.

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