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New 3D Printing Material Sample Kits Now Available on Shapeways

We first launched our Material Sample Kit over two years ago and much has changed since then. We have more metals, more colors, more finishes with MUCH more to come.  To make room for all of these new materials we are introducing a whole new range of 3D Printing Material Sample Kits to Shapeways.

The Basic Kit for $29.99 will replace the current kit and contain:

  • White Strong Flexible (nylon)
  • Alumide 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Full Color Sandstone
  • Black Detail (Acrylic)
  • Frosted Ultra Detail (Acrylic)

You will also receive $25 3D Printing Coupon to get you started with the new materials.

Shapeways 3D Printing Materials Sample Kit

The Colors & Finishes Kit priced at $19.99 is for you to get your hands on the latest colors and finishes (hence the name) including:

  • White Detail (Acrylic)
  • Polished White Strong Flexible (Nylon)
  • Polished Alumide
  • Black Strong Flexible (Nylon)

Along with our range of colored strong flexible (Nylon) including:

  • Coral Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Violet Purple 

Shapeways 3D Printing Materials Sample Kit

The Metals Kit for $79.99 includes a range of our metal finishes including:

  • Polished Bronze Stainless Steel
  • Sterling Silver
  • Polished Gold Plated Stainless Steel 

Shapeways 3D Printing Materials Sample Kit

For each material in each pack you will also receive a material detail card with specifications, limitations and recommendations. This, along with the samples will help you to design for each specific material. 

As we roll out with new materials and colors over the coming months we will include them to the relevant sample pack and you will be able to order each sample individually to add them to your sample kit. 

You can take a look at our 3D Printing Materials Page now to see each of the materials, their prices and properties then order your own 3D Printing Material Sample Kits to see, feel and smell the materials for yourself. 

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