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Launching New Polished Colors Today at 10% Off

We are very excited to share that we have improved our dying processes and quality and are launching new colors in our Strong & Flexible family!

Starting today, you will be able to order 3D prints in our dyed & polished red and purple, as well as two new colors: Royal Blue and Hot Pink. The new dyes are a potent mixture of pigment and dye which saturates both the surface and the interior of the nylon plastic. The results are vibrant and consistent, and means that the colors will last longer and appear brighter. 

Most excitingly, all Colored Strong & Flexible plastics will now be polished first. By polishing and then dying, 3D prints look and feel like final products and the quality rivals what you can find in a store. We have gotten great feedback on the quality, consistency, and aesthetic and hope you like them!

This is the first of many more colors we will be introducing. We chose to add blue and pink based on your feedback and we can’t wait to see what you design for these colors.

New Colors: Properties and Design Guidelines

The design rules are slightly different as the models have to withstand polishing first. The bounding box for polished colors is slightly smaller at 150x150x150mm and the minimum for unsupported wires is 0.9mm.

For more details, please see the Product Detail page here and refer to the design rules for polished products.  Remember, you can still order White and Black Strong and Flexible in unpolished.


To celebrate this new addition and help you prepare your shop for the holiday season, all colored Strong & Flexible plastics will be 10% off until October 31st.

Thereafter, the prices will be:
  • White Strong Flexible – $1.50 startup, $1.40 per cc – no change
  • Black Strong Flexible – no price change 
  • White Strong Flexible Polished – $2.00 startup, $1.50 per cc 
  • Colored Strong Flexible – $2.25 startup, $1.50 per cc 
What this means is, excluding black, everything over 2cc will now be cheaper. That’s right, not only are we introducing new polished colors, we’re making them cheaper too!

Your Shapeways Shop: What does this mean for you?

Shop Owners, as of today, you will have the ability to add these colors as a new material option with enough time to get some samples before the holiday season kicks off.

If you currently have colored products in your shop, these will be added automatically enabled, though we will not automatically enable blue and pink. That’s up to your discretion.

If you do not have colored products in your shop, you will have the opportunity to add these material options starting today, October 17th.

So try them out! Print your models in these vibrant new colors and get ready to be amazed at the vibrancy and finish! Let us know what you think! What colors would you like to see next?
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