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Shapeways “Love in 3D” Wedding Contest Winner!

A huge thanks to each and every one of you who entered the Shapeways “Love in 3D” Wedding Contest. We were so excited to look through all the Pinterest boards, read your unique love stories, and be even more inspired than ever before.

Of course, we could only choose one winner, and we believe a congratulations is in order for Bastiaan Ekeler! Not only did you create one beautiful Pinterest board, but your story already started with 3D printing! We were also touched by your desire to create unique, personal gifts for your fiancé to keep your relationship fresh and fun.



Bastiaan’s Story
How is your love unique?
Over the course of our relationship, I have use Shapeways a number of times to craft personal and unique presents for Alicia to take with me on my trips across the Atlantic. Some of the Shapeways pins on my board show jewelry I made for her. I am an engineer and product designer so being familiar with CAD and 3D printing, Shapeways turned out to be a perfect fit to express my feelings to the woman I love. The silver ring was the first piece of jewelry I gave her and my first ever print using a precious metal.

The charms on the bracelet on my Pinterest board have a special story behind them. As we were communicating over text during our time apart, we used to count down the days until my next visit, which was always symbolized by a specific iPhone emoji. A snowflake for my first visit in winter, a little sprout for spring, a sun for my first summer visit and an anchor to symbolize the little harbor town of Greenport, NY where Alicia moved and we now share a home together. I decided to immortalize these symbols of our struggle and used Shapeways to print them in detailed plastic. Being a maker by nature, I used the prints to cast them myself in silver in my one bedroom apartment, which actually turned out very well. It is still my favorite present I ever made to this day and wouldn’t have been possible without Shapeways.

If you could customize anything using 3D Printing for your wedding, what would it be and why?
For our wedding, my goal has always been to design and make a unique and extremely personal wedding ring. I have never been an “off-the-shelf” kind of guy and the timing of this contest and the addition of the 14k White Gold material to the Shapeways library could not have been better. We really like the “fingerprint” rings on my board and would love to use those as inspiration for creating a really custom wedding band to keep for life.

Stay tuned for updates on what Bastiaan and Alicia create for their special day. We’re putting them in touch with designers to help with their process; if you are interested in doing the same for your wedding (or life in general), take a look at our Designers for Hire page to see which talented artist can help you bring your ideas to life! Again, thank you to everyone who participated and we will make sure to run another fun contest very soon.

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