Is 3D Printed Plastic Microwave Safe?

Short answer, no, 3D Printed nylon is not microwave safe.

Microwave Melted 3D Print

We were testing the water fastness of our dying process, the usual office experiments of soaking it in a glass of hot water for a couple of days (looking good) and then we wanted to dry it quickly, but maybe we dried it a little too quickly.  

As per the WSF material page the 3D printed nylon is dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 80c / 176f degrees, clearly the microwave was a little hotter….

Sorry for melting your Rodin Pendant Nat, I will print you another one.. 

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  1. Bill Bedford

    I bet it would have survived if it was dry…….

  2. mkroeker

    Vid or it didn’t happen. Also, looking forward to the “is stainless” episode of the series…

  3. Luis

    For a minute there it looked like printed bacon… With a plastic handle to, you know, eat it with…

    Better lay off the scifi for a while…



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