Cheer up Sad Keanu, you have another 3D Printed meme to keep you company.

F U I’m an Anteater is the latest meme to make it’s way out of the internets and into real life thanks to Shapeways 3D Printing you can own a little piece of the internet for only $10. Bargain….

F U I'm an Anteater Shapeways 3D Printed Meme

F U I'm an Anteater Shapeways 3D Printed Meme

What’s it all about? Lets consult Know Your Meme

The original ‘F U, I’m an Anteater’ image first appeared online
in spring of 2008, as a witty protest against the massive amounts of
cute cat and dog pics circulating around internet humor sites, while
many other species had largely been neglected.


An interesting phenomenon among anteater image macros is the discontinuation of LOLspeak. While most other animal-based macros employ lolspeak, ‘I’m an Anteater’ macros generally use correct spelling as means of
protest against the widespread nature of other animal-based memes.
Although the species is still less popular than its feline and canine
counterparts, it remains a notable mutation of animal image macros, like
the Bukkit Walrus.