Want to See 3D Printing up Really Close? 3D Printed Nylon at 200x Magnification (VIDEO)

Ever wondered what Shapeways 3D Printed Nylon looks like really really close up? Well now you can see it up close thanks to a few videos of 3D Printed Nylon posted on Brandon’s Twisty Puzzle Channel on YouTube.

The first video shows the surface of a Nylon laser sintered part, which shows the varying grain shapes and sizes, some partially sintered powder and a couple of random particles bonded to the surface.

The second video shows the 3D Printed Nylon part with super glue applied. 

“I don’t have pure cyanoacrylate, my glue also has polymethyl
methacrylate. The glue doesn’t seem to change the macro structure of
the surface at all. It soaks down into the cracks and coats the grains
which makes them reflective and refractive but doesn’t do much else.”

The third video shows the Nylon Powder next to a single human hair so you can get an idea of scale.

Thanks to Brandon for sharing these videos.. 


  1. Anonymous

    WSFS – White Strong Flexible & Shiny

  2. Shapeways Blog

    Take a look at this really interesting video of an experiment to seal Shapeways 3D printed Nylon with super glue and aceto

  3. Simon

    I think this really shows the infancy of the technology, the kinds of internal structures being made here replicate those by hand before uniform manufacturing. Today we’re playing with graphene and molecular alignment to make materials stronger or conduct better and I think this should be the direction 3D printing goes in as well.

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