Ice skating at the office

The Shapeways office is currently at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This is a campus-like office park with restaurants and houses NXP, Philips Research and lots of other companies. Each day we walk to the local Albert Heijn here to get lunch. This supermarket is set next to a large pond(or a tiny lake depending on how you look at it and where you a from)in a building with restaurants, a barber and a bank. Today when we trudged through the snow we saw that the pond was frozen over and people were ice skating on it during their lunch break. 

This post has nothing to do with Shapeways but I thought it was interesting and kind of funny and could not imagine many other places where people can ice skate during their lunch breaks. The photos are taken with a camera phone by the way(shouldn’t it be phone camera?), so apologies for that but I left my camera in Amsterdam and so had to ask Robert to take them with his phone. 

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