Bald Eagle Gets a 3D Printed Facelift (VIDEO)

Beauty the Bald Eagle was shot in the face, destroying her upper beak. Birds of Prey Northwest nursed her back to health but without an upper beak she could not properly care for herself and was set to be euthanized until raptor specialist Jane Cantwell and mechanical engineer Nate Calvin got together to design and 3D Print a new beak…  

3D Printed Beak Transplant Shapeways

Photo courtesy of Birds of Prey Northwest via the Gist.

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  1. Steve Russam

    Wow, this has to be by far and away one of the coolest Shapeways projects I’ve ever seen! Absolutely amazing work and a really positive use for an amazing service.

  2. Duann

    Not an actual Shapeways 3D Print (that we know of) but still awesome..

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