Cast your baby in bronze?

If you’ve ever had the urge to cast your unborn children in bronze, you can now. If you go to the London Ultrasound Centre you can get an echo of your baby made and they will then use this to 3D print a cast and then use this to make a bronze cast of your as yet to be born child.  We’re looking into processes such as these and things of a similar nature but somehow I’m kind of happy that we didn’t come up with this one.

Although I did meet Scott Barett of Black Powder Media at SIGGRAPH and seem to remember that he had a life sized version of himself in Carbonite(a la Han Solo from Star Wars(if this does not ring a bell at the moment, uum it will take a while for me to explain)) which he had 3D printed. Perhaps we should make a Creator for this? How big is the market for people who would like life sized Carbonite models of themselves?

Photo credit JohnSeb.


  1. T. Shawn Johnson

    haha :) I think I will pass up this wonderful opportunity.

  2. fracai

    Can’t say I’d go for lifesize, but I think I’d order a miniature (say ~10cm) in a heartbeat.

  3. Joris Peels

    If this was the internet bubble in 1999 it would mean that our little poll has indicated that the market opportunity for life sized 3D printed carbonite statues is 50% of the sample so should represent 3 billion willing customers, sounds good.

  4. T. Shawn Johnson

    woohoo, you’ll get lots of money then!!!


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