The Engaging Brand Podcast Looks at Emerging Technology and Emerging Markets

Anna Farmery’s The Engaging Brand featured Shapeways in it’s recent podcast Emerging Technology and Emerging Markets, looking at the business potential of online 3D Printing, mass customization and on demand manufacturing. Listen to Anna and Duann Scott (that’s me) discuss how 3D Printing enables people to make anything they want, sell their designs and revolutionize the business of design. 

Shapeways shop owners are already realizing this reality where they can sell their designs on demand with no investment, in inventory, receiving a passive income from their designs.  If you are designer you can open a Shapeways Shop and start selling your 3D Printed designs.

Duann talks Shapeways 3D Printing

Take a listen as the caffeine slowly kicks in and the discussion covers Shapeways 3D Printing, innovation and business.

Thanks to Anna for inviting us to talk, it was a pleasure. 

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