Video: Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity

Every day at Shapeways, thousands of people make their ideas real with 3D printing, and as a result, the Shapeways community is igniting a culture of creativity. For many, though, 3D printing remains an unbelievable, futuristic technology that creates physical objects from thin air.

We know firsthand that seeing is believing. So we’re thrilled to launch a series of films about 3D printing, our creative community, and how this incredible technology is changing all of our lives.

This first video provides an inside look into the Shapeways vision, community, and 3D printing magic.

If you’re inspired, help ignite the culture of creativity and share the film! 

Many thanks to all involved, including our brilliant director Stephan Malik, composer Tai Vare, and the community members who let us peek into their lives and inspire us daily: Colleen Jordan, Cunicode, GothamSmith, Michiel Cornelissen, Nervous System, NovaKingWay, and Virtox. And special thanks for the whole Shapeways team who makes this all possible.


  1. Vijay

    Very cool, very trendy almost a trailer for an epic movie.

  2. lensman

    Nice video as an introduction to 3D printing… shared on my Blog.

  3. Shapeways Blog

    By now you may have seen the latest video we have released, Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity showcasing a tiny fraction of the Shapeways community. We have uploaded a series of stills from the movie to Flickr showing

  4. Ovidiu Opresco

    Really Awesome!
    Let’s Drink to it!
    Any idea WHY, when one sees “Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity” movie on YouTube — “Dad’s Beer Ring at Shapeways” (Keywords: Shapeways “3-d Printing” “3D printing” “3-d Design” “3d design”)
    does not show in Suggestions?…..html

  5. Chuck Leniek

    Re: H-O Dry Bulk Trailers, it appears that the wheels/tires are cast integrally with the body. This make masking and painting the wheels/tires problematic. If so, is there any chance these can be provided separately or just left out entirely with provision to add A-Line or other wheels/tires/axles after painting?

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