web stencil, paper fashion and the world’s most expensive cocktail

Paper Fashion.

Via SwissMiss: the web stencil and Safari notepad for when you absolutely positively have to publish offline. 

My girlfriend just came back from Dubai and below are some pictures that give you an idea about the “awesomeness” of the place. Besides some internet start-ups in the late nineties they seem to be the only people really going for broke with the “build it and they will come” thing. 

This is the Burj Dubai which is going to be the tallest building in the world, it is currently over 700 metres tall, and it looks ridiculous.  

This is the outside of the Burj al Arab the six star hotel that seems to also go for the whole ridiculous thing.

There you can order a $7000 cocktail. The interesting thing about it is not that it is the worlds’ most expensive, because anyone can come up with something with increasingly expensive ingredients(where will it all end: super model ice cubes? or A Bugatti Veyron with Gin and Tonic in it?)but that eight people have blown $7000 on the cocktail, so in Dubai there seems to be a market for them. Check out the ingredients to the right: 

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  1. aws357

    The paper fashion made me think : “ouch! papercut!”

    As for the cocktail stuff, maybe someone could propose them some special stirrers made of laser-sintered platinum/gold alloy instead of that plain oak thingy (with a 0.5 carat ruby on top of that :p).

    As the drinker bag the baccarat glass, why not have a stirrer that is both classy AND unique as well?

    Though is Shapeways in position to moralize the burj-al-arab when they propose 5 cubic cm titanium for 1000-2000$ :p ? (ok, it’s still just a stupid drink that might taste like piss too, hehehe) ;)

  2. JORIS

    Yes, I agree my post was a bit too snarky and negative.

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