We Have Monkey Babies!

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And they’re soooo cute…

I had these printed because I wanted to show you a comparison of our three printing options (Cream Robust, White Detail and Transparent Detail). They came out really nice – they’re only 6cm tall and the amount of detail is great – you can even see their belly buttons!

You’ll find more close-up photos on our Material Options page.

I did learn a few things from this:

  • The transparent detail material will really stand out when you make it wet – applying an acrylic lacquer finish should make it permanently shiny.
  • I didn’t take proper care of balancing my objects – they keel over backwards.. It’s a bit tricky to get this right, but I’m working on a method involving Blender’s real-time physics engine. More about that in another post!
  • If you want to print small objects, use the ‘Detail’ materials. The Robust will create stronger objects, but at the cost of a somewhat lower resolution.

That’s it for today – I now have to take care of my monkey babies!


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    Shapeways objects, especially from our Objet printer, look pretty good after printing – they are high resolution and have smooth surfaces. Sometimes you may want to add some extra finishing though – maybe to add some extra color or to further improve th

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