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Clip-it – The 3D Printed iPhone Travel Dock (Euro Edition)

The Clip-it – iPhone travel dock is a simple an elegant way to turn your Euro iPhone charger into a wall mounted dock.


Clip-it for iPhone converts your Euro iPhone charger to a wall dock; making sure that you can easily charge your phone at every wall socket. Unfurnished rooms, hotels and conference rooms are no longer a problem.


Clip-it lets you wind the usb cable easily around your charger and is also usable as a small table dock during your journeys ore while at work.


Clip-it makes use of your existing Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable. Simply snap it in and lock the cable at the bottom. Clip-it is perfectly engineered to hold the latest two generations of original Apple charging cables.


Clip-it is designed for the latest two iPhone models: the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S and the included Apple USB Power Adapter (European version only).


Now everybody PLEASE ask Remi to make a US, Australian, UK and Japanese version….

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