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Puzzle Around the World – Connecting Twisty Puzzlers Around the Globe with 3D Printing

Designed by Eric Vergo for the PAW (Puzzle Around the World) project the Pentultimate puzzle is about to make it’s way to twisty puzzle forum members around the world.

We will be sending a large Pentultimate around the world to other forum
members to allow them to play with the puzzle, gather signatures for
collector sticker sets, post pictures here, and tell the rest of the
community about themselves. Eric Vergo graciously offered to design the
puzzle and it has been built to survive minor mishaps. I had had a
custom re-shippable box designed to hold the puzzle and the sticker sets

SHapeways 3D Printed Twisty Puzzle

There are 23 participants that will receive the puzzle. Each person will be able to keep the puzzle for about 10 days. Members were selected based on a diverse set of criteria. We tried to
strike a balance between designers, solvers, collectors, and other
community contributors. 

It will take about 1 year for the puzzle to travel around the world.
As each participant receives the puzzle they will have the opportunity
to take pictures of it where they live (for example in front of a
landmark) and post them here in the thread. They can tell where they live and what draws them to twisty puzzles. There are 23
sets of Pentultimate stickers that will travel with the Pentultimate.
Each person will sign them and at the end of the project each
participant will be given a set of signed stickers.

This is an amazing community project instigated by Brandon Enright that shows how a community can come together across continents over a shared passion, and a little bit of help thanks to 3D Printing. Good luck Twisty fans…


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