3DMTP is a cloud-based software service, focused on making 3D architectural models 3D Printable. 3DMTP automatically transforms 3D designs, from BIM, 3D CAD, SketchUp software and other 3D visualization software into scalable and 3D printable model files.  

3DMTP helps overcome the complex challenges sometimes faced in making 3D scaled models printable for architects, developers and designers. The innovation is based on algorithms which study-the geometric structure of the model, identify and AUTOMATICALLY fix problems that would have prevented it from being successfully printed. Sweet.

3D Printing Architectural Models Easy with Shapeways

Once you
are ready to turn your design into a 3D printable model, upload your
design file and set your parameters: scale, profile, and desired 3D
printer. 3DMTP automatically processes the file without any additional
operator interface. 3DMTP also fixes holes between polygons and facets,
repairs reverse surfaces, changes the thickness of walls to minimum
print tolerance for the selected printer, fixes non-volumetric geometry
(making objects “watertight”), and fixes many other problems of
degenerated geometry that otherwise would prevent the model from
printing successfully

Check out some of their 3D Printable architectural models already in their Shapeways shop