Flying Drones Deliver 3D Printed Human Clones to Burning Man Participants

Using 3D Printers housed in a shipping container, unmanned drones and GPS tracking system Project Blue Sky promises to freak the hell out of unsuspecting Burning Man participants. The project is run by a non-profit called, which curates teams of world class talent and pairs them with specific technical projects, humanitarian organizations (other non-profits, NGOs) and resources to solve global challenges. Right on.

Imagine that you are in
Black Rock desert close to Center Camp. You step into a brightly
decorated space surrounded by ancient statues. You are ushered into a
shipping container that has been converted into a high-tech innovation
lab. You and your fashionable friend strike a pose which is captured
with 3D software and converted into a 3D model. You are given a GPS
transponder and specific instructions for your mission. On the way out
you catch a lecture on ‘Scientific Exploration’ and watch some aerial 3D
footage of flying over Burning Man projected in a 3D imax dome.


After you leave, your image scan is 3D printed into a miniature
statue and loaded into a capsule on a multi-copter. The copter navigates
to your GPS location.


When your GPS transponder goes off, you look up as the multi-copter
hovers above you. It gently lowers a padded capsule with your statue of
you inside. You unwrap a 3D medallion of yourself.


Your only responsibility is to return the transponder and tell us your story for our documentary.


 File under freaky cool….