3D Printing Ceramics is Flat Rate Awesome at Shapeways

We have discounted 3D Printing Ceramics at Shapeways, then extended the discount for another week, now we are continuing the ceramic love with a flat rate price of $0.18 per cm2 on ALL 3D Ceramic 3D Printing at Shapeways.

Satin Black and Satin White 3D Printed Ceramic Cory Doctorow at Shapeways

So you can order your Cory Doctorow bust in Satin Black or Eggshell Blue, Gloss White or Pastel Yellow and it will cost you the same low price of only $0.18 per cm2.Remember our 3D Printed Ceramics is calculated by surface area not volume, and be sure to read the Ceramics Design Guidelines before you order your model to ensure your design is 3D Printable in ceramics.

Take a look at some of the products 3D Printed in Ceramics in the Shapeways Gallery. 

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  1. gabriel

    hi can you say me . how an 3d printer can print on ceramics and i also want to buy an printer from you if your printer can print in metal

    1. Duann

      Hi Gabriel,

      We do not sell 3D Printers, we simply give people access to awesome ceramic 3D printers etc….

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