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3D Printed Strvct Shoes by Continuum Fashion Now Available

They brought you the first 3D Printed Bikini, now Continuum Fashion have released the Strvct 3D printed shoe, lined with a patent leather inner sole and coated with a synthetic rubber to provide greater traction.

STRVCT SHoe 3D Printed by Shapeways

strvct refers to structure. With 3D
printed nylon, delicate looking forms are actually incredibly strong
while also being impossibly lightweight. We present a triangulated spin
on the classic wedge pump, which brings to mind Cinderella’s glass
slipper in its transparency. Expanding on this idea, we created a sandal
with a 3D printed base and origami tyvek butterflies.

STRVCT SHoe 3D Printing by Shapeways

Get a pair custom designed and 3D Printed to fit your feet for $900 in any style from a platform to a pump. 

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