One More Week for Discounted 3D Printed Ceramics!

You’ve twisted our arm with your inspiring designs…We’ve seen so many innovative products emerge over the last week alongside the discount on ceramics, we’ve decided to extend the promotion another week!

You can stop shaking your head in disbelief. 3D printed ceramics in all colors and glazes will be $0.14 per cm2 through August 21st at 9am EST.

Let the dance party begin.

If you haven’t yet ordered something in Eggshell Blue, Black Satin, or Avocado Green, well, let’s just say those colors are on fire (pun intended).

So start prepping the French Press and design the coffee cup of your dreams…

Forget about that paper cup…we’re talking 3D printed ceramics here:

3D Printed Ceramic Paper Cup

Happy making 🙂

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  1. Saad Alayyoubi

    You guys rock, loving this additional time on the discount.
    Now the only thing we need is a shorter lead-time on ceramic orders; or is that just being greedy now? 😀


  2. Paul King

    Very cool to see the extension 🙂
    Or is that double extension (the homepage shows 28th August)?

    1. Carine

      Sorry Paul! Our bad…only until August 21. But we have other exciting updates coming very soon after 😉

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