Photos from Shapeways at SIGGRAPH 2012, So Far

For those of you connected to us on Twitter and Facebook you my be seeing images flow through of us showing people the potential of 3D Printing with Shapeways.  It is one of the greatest pleasures to see people’s minds being blown as we show them some of the amazing designs 3D Printed by the Shapeways community, and that they too can make their ideas real with 3D Printing..

Just in case you did not get a chance to see the images in the social ocean, here are just a few.

More strandbeest love @shapeways

Tiny cars @shapeways booth

Strandbeest at the @shapeways booth


#madeinthefuture @shapeways

If you are at SIGGRAPH be sure to drop by the booth and say hello.

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