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Some site updates

We’ve been working on updating the site and I thought I might point out some updates. Your can now upload files to us in the VRML format(entension .WRL). This oldie but a goodie file format should make it even easier to upload to Shapeways. Furthermore you can now upload models consisting of up to 500,000 polygons to Shapeways. This should be good news to all you Zbrush guys out there. We also now support multiple shipping adresses, so you can now send others the gift of Shapeways. We also improved our search functionality a bit and cleared up some little issues here and there. If you have any suggestions, things you don’t like about the site or things you find confusing then please email: joris (at) shapeways (dot) com and we’ll fix it. 

P.s., Almost forgot: all models that you can order now have a pink shopping cart logo on them. You can see the logo in the bottom right hand corner in the gallery or in a person’s gallery. 


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