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Discounted Ceramics 3D Printing at Shapeways: At Least 20% Off Through August 14!

We have seen so many beautiful designs 3D Printed in ceramics over the past few weeks from rocket cups to teeth cups, tea light cookers to impossible forms, and now we want to see more…

From today until August 14th at 9am EST we are offering all ceramic 3D Printing at only $0.14 per cm2

Whether you want a classic white bust of Cory Doctorow on your desktop to inspire you to get making or the impossible Quintal Candle holder in Avocado Green to bend your mind, all of your ceramic 3D Prints will cost only $0.14 per cm2 in all color and finishes. If you are buying a 3D print from a Shapeways Shop, the material price will be discounted there as well!

You do not have to do anything special to get the discount. All models items ordered in ceramics until 9am August 14th EST will have material prices that are at least 20% cheaper…

Now is a great opportunity to make your designs in 3D Printed ceramic. Take a look at the design rules for 3D Printing ceramic and make sure you have a minimum wall thickness of 3mm and that the cost is calculated by surface area not volume. Solid models, with thick forms 3D Printed in ceramics are sometimes WAY cheaper than the same models 3D Printed in our nylon (WSF), so it may be a good opportunity to 3D Print a solid bust, or any models you have that you cannot hollow out.

During this discount on ceramic 3D Printing at Shapeways, it is also a great time to try out our virtual potters wheel to throw your self something unique without 3D Modeling with our Sake Set Creator and 3D Print it in ceramics.

3D Printing Ceramics Without CAD at Shapeways

If you have any designs 3D Printed in ceramics with high quality photographs in your Shapeways Shop, share the link in the comments section of the blog so we can see them and we might be able to include them in the gallery of 3D Printed Ceramic products on the Shapeways homepage.

Happy shaping!

Shapeways Shop Owners, please note: your markups will not be affected by this promotion.

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