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How to Cook with 3D Printing

Now you can cook direct from the 3D Printer with Ruben Alexander’s Tea Light Cooker 3D Printed in Ceramics by Shapeways.

Whether you want to cook Portugese sausage with green tomatoes and garlic, a mini fondu or bake a small spice cake.

This little cooker is designed around the lowly tealight. First meals
have been with a standard tealight (38mm x 38mm x 16mm) as the heat
source and safflower oil inside the cooking vessel with minced green
tomatoes, Portuguese sausage, and sliced garlic. After those tasty
results, I progressed to make a variety of dishes.


I first came a cross this great little cooker when we had our Shapeways Meetup at the Quirky office, Ruben was augmenting our catering efforts with some freshly cooked delights direct from the 3D Printed ceramic cooker…. Take a look at the product page to see the experiments and limitations that Ruben has found so far.

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