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Want to Contribute to the Shapeways Blog?

So, you know about 3D Printing, can write engaging stories about design, technology and the people who make awesome things while making everyone and everything look perfect, then we need you.

Help Wanted?

If you are interested in contributing to the Shapeways Blog send a sample post, with Title, Body, Links & Images (640 px) to Duann at Shapeways dot com

Also include a one paragraph bio about yourself and why you want to contribute to the Shapeways blog.

Take a look at existing posts to get an idea of the tone and the length of the posts along with quality of images.  There is so much going on around Shapeways 3D Printing we need help to capture it all and spread the word.

We are looking for regular contributors that can post consistent, interesting posts that will entertain, educate and engage the thousands of people who read the Shapeways Blog every day…

Help Wanted image from Flickr

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