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3D Printed Brewster Station : Pushing the Limits of Browser Based 3D Modeling

Possibly the most advanced 3D Print ever to hit Shapeways from browser based 3D modeling software Tinkercad is the Brewster Station by emmyceru AKA Emily AKA Cat Girl…. Simply amazing… And yes, this is a photograph….

Emily based her 3D Model on a photograph from the 1930’s of Brewster station from a postcard from the collection of Steve Swirsky and also visited the site to get more of the details.

In what must have been an epic feat of 3D modeling endurance (especially for a first 3D modeling project) Emily assembled the model brick by brick in Tinkercad with amazing precision and stunning results.

Congratulations to Emily on what is a fantastic first effort at 3D modeling, we hope it inspires others to play with Tinkercad and other free 3D modeling tools and start 3D Printing their designs for real.  You can see more images and get more info on her blog, I Ride the Harlem Line….

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