Talking 3D Printing at HUGE NYC

Last night HUGE NYC hosted a panel on 3D Printing featuring Shapeways, MakerBot and Gothamsmith.

Ready for action with @shapeways @makerbot @gothamsmith

3d printing is Huge @shapeways @gothamsmith @makerbot

There was a great turnout at HUGE’s huge offices in DUMBO and the discussion was a perfect balance of desktop DIY 3D Printer action with MakerBot, 3D Printing service and marketplace with Shapeways and Gothamsmith representing independent designers using online 3D printing to handle their e-commerce, production and distribution (via Shapeways).  The discussion covered the way in which online 3D printing services and desktop 3D printers compliment each other in different use case scenarios taking into account speed, quality, cost, size, scalability, materials, expertise and even onto the notion of a peer to peer 3D printer node based giant T-Rex flashmob in Times Square…..

Dreams and internet memes aside it was a great discussion that we are sure to continue in the future.

A massive thanks to HUGE for hosting the event and inviting us to participate. 

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