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How a Handy iPhone Charger Wrap Came to Life Across Continents with 3D Printing

Today Michiel Cornelissen is introducing the US/Canadian version of The Wrap, a little accessory that attaches to the USB end of the iPhone charger. It mirrors the charger’s prongs, to create a convenient way to store the charger cable.

There is a little story behind how the European, then the US version of the Wrap came into being.

I originally designed The Wrap for the European iPhone charger, simply trying to get rid of an annoyance I’d been experiencing myself. Of course, the European iPhone charger is very different from the one in the US and other countries, so on the web page, I put up a note, saying that if I received 100 e-mails requesting a US/Canadian version of The Wrap, I’d try to design one. I thought that, at most, a trickle of e-mails over a few months would amount to the 100 e-mails.

But then Cult of Mac wrote this: http://www.cultofmac.com/169108/the-wrap-an-unbelievably-beautiful-and-elegant-way-to-manage-your-iphone-charger/… and I had my 100 e-mails within 24 hours. I had to get to work, and through the miracle of Shapeways 3d printing, the first US version was ready 19 days later. (And most of that time was spent waiting for someone to ship a US charger to me.)

I did some tweaks, tested it, got the photography and webpage done, and here we are.

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