Shapeways new 3D printer driving quality to NYC!

Bad puns aside, check out this TINY CAR designed by David Sun….look closely and you’ll see it has SHAPEWAYS on its roof!

This amazing level of detail is possible printing in Frosted Ultra Detail…with our brand new 3D Systems ProJet printer located right here in New York!

3d printed tiny car

3d printed tiny car

This car was created for us, but you can get your own tiny car in David’s Shapeways Shop!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Factory of the Future takes shape… 

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  1. GWMT

    Very cool!
    What are the dimensions for the lettering:
    – how tall is the ‘h’ in Shapeways
    – how high is the lettering raised from the car roof?

  2. David Sun

    Thank you for featuring the model.
    I just made the tiny models available again in Frosted Ultra Detail material.

    Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  3. Shapeways Blog

    As we have seen time and again on the Shapeways site 3D Printing is perfect for models at all scales from the very large to the very, very small. Today we see the Jeep CJ8 Scrambler 3D Printed at 1:25 showing some beautiful detail in 3D Printed

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