POP : Portable Power Supply for your Mobile Devices : Approved by the Mayor of Maui

Another great Kickstarter project that uses 3D Printing to help bring ideas into reality is the POP Portable Charging station by James Siminoff. James used his Makerbot to do the first prototypes then 3D Printed the final version seen in the video using Shapeways.

It is a great idea and another fantastic example of using desktop 3D Printing to iterate and resolve a design, Shapeways 3D Printing to get a high quality production ready prototype (or product), and Kickstarter to promote, gain support and fund the manufacture of the project…


You can back the project now on Kickstarter with confidence, as it is powered by 3D Printing and approved by the Mayor of Maui…. 

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  1. Shapeways Blog

    Big congrats to Jason and his POP Kickstarter campaign fully funded and going strong with 38 days to go.. Powered in part by Shapeways 3D Printing…. We have seen many Kickstarter campaigns powered in varying degrees by Shapeways 3D Printing i

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