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The Shape of What’s to Come: Our New Look & Feel

The spark. It appears late at night, in a daydream, while doing a million other things. It often scurries across the forefront of your mind when you least expect it. But that fleeting spark, that spark has the potential to turn into a design, a product, a company, a community.

Shapeways New Logo 640

Starting today, Shapeways has a new look and feel. It starts with the spark – the idea, the laser – and continues with you, and the future that the Shapeways community is making a reality.

Why the change? Just as the 3D printing materials have improved and your designs have increased in complexity and beauty, we started growing out of our old clothes. We felt the need to break out of the box as this future is boundless. We also wanted to show your designs in the best possible light, and alas, our old sad dolphin blue isn’t flattering on anyone. 

Most importantly, though, we wanted to make sure that the experience you have on and in the wild has deep roots in our core values.

While we could continue to wax poetic about our inspiration and color
theories, hopefully the design speaks for itself. Many thanks to our
talented design team and engineers who made this real. And big thanks to the whole team for tirelessly shaping what’s to come.

Check out the Shapeways Look & Feel for more.

Following are the icons we will be using in the future in the png format.

Shapeways Icon Star

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