The Shape of What’s to Come: Our New Look & Feel

The spark. It appears late at night, in a daydream, while doing a million other things. It often scurries across the forefront of your mind when you least expect it. But that fleeting spark, that spark has the potential to turn into a design, a product, a company, a community.

Shapeways New Logo 640

Starting today, Shapeways has a new look and feel. It starts with the spark – the idea, the laser – and continues with you, and the future that the Shapeways community is making a reality.

Why the change? Just as the 3D printing materials have improved and your designs have increased in complexity and beauty, we started growing out of our old clothes. We felt the need to break out of the box as this future is boundless. We also wanted to show your designs in the best possible light, and alas, our old sad dolphin blue isn’t flattering on anyone. 

Most importantly, though, we wanted to make sure that the experience you have on and in the wild has deep roots in our core values.

While we could continue to wax poetic about our inspiration and color
theories, hopefully the design speaks for itself. Many thanks to our
talented design team and engineers who made this real. And big thanks to the whole team for tirelessly shaping what’s to come.

Check out the Shapeways Look & Feel for more.

Following are the icons we will be using in the future in the png format.

Shapeways Icon Star

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  1. Glenn

    Looks very nice so far, just hope it works still, if you know what I mean 😉

    1. Youknowwho4eva

      We tested and tested and tested. Beta testers compiled just over 16 pages of bugs that were fixed or will shortly be fixed. So it should be a lot better than previous updates! Of course we may have missed some things, and some things couldn’t be tested on the Beta server but as you can see by traversing the site, it’s looking pretty good!

    2. lensman

      It does look good, I’ll say that. Have already pointed out one bug in the Forums; My shop banner does not display (red X) in the Public Shop View; whether I am logged in or not makes no difference. The banner *does* show up on my shop editing page.

  2. Jeff

    Nice to have this site look as modern and cool as the tech it’s centered around. So happy to see a modern looking logo too. Well done creative team behind the work.

  3. Shapeways Blog

    We have updated the Shapeways 3D Printing material page to make it easier to select the right material for your 3D Printing. You can compare and select 3D Printing materials based on price, detail level, strength and smoothness so if you are new to 3D P

  4. Ruben

    I can’t edit my models. I was able to edit my designs last night, but it seems that no field can be edited while in edit mode.

    The new site does look nice though!

    1. Duann

      It should be fixed,

      If it still occurs try refreshing your cache..

  5. fx

    The old logo had something interesting in it: it displayed some 3D printed designs. It carried the notion of 3D creation with it. The new one is great, but it could be a logo for almost everything: a new hype iPhone app* ? a new and better Twitter* ? a new intercontinental airline company* ?

    *after all, a sucessful online bookstore is called “Amazon”, nowadays any name can be anything…

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