How To Start 3D Printing With Shapeways from Autodesk’s 123D Apps

You can now 3D Print your designs with Shapeways from models created in Autodesk’s 123D range of free 3D applications including 123D, 123D Catch and 123D Sculpt.

Autodesk have been making 3D modeling accessible with a range of fantastic free tools to help you make your ideas for real.. Once you have created your 3D file in 123D, 123D Catch or 123D Sculpt you will need to create an account or log in to save it to ‘My Corner’ of Autodesk’s

Once your designs are stored in the Autodesk cloud you can head on over to the fabricate page:

  • Start a 3D Printing project
  • Choose your design from ‘My Corner’
  • Specify unit of measurements and scale
  • Choose a 3D Printing service (hint: Shapeways)
  • Log in with your Shapeways account (or register for a new one)
  • Your 123D App produce model will now upload to Shapeways so you can 3D print in any of our materials.

A massive thanks to the team at Autodesk for creating so many awesome apps for the PC and iPad that make it fun to get started making 3D objects ready for 3D Printing… 

We will do an overview and analysis of each of the apps in the near future to help you choose which app works best for your designs…

If anyone in the community are interested in doing a review of 123D Apps please let us know.

In the meantime check out the 123D blog to keep up to date with 123D happenings along with Shaan Hurley’s Between the Lines for some super inspirational Autodesk technology news… 

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  2. William Rodriguez

    I would be interested in reviewing the 123D suite – I am using it now and would like to try to use it with my engineering class alongside other products.

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