Shop Owner Tips: Widget in the Wild!

For this weeks Shop Owner Tip we’re pimping the Widget and want to see it in the wild! The widget is our Shop Embed tool that lets you create links for people to buy your Shapeways Shops products right from your own website.

You can easily curate a selection of your best products using Shapeways Labs  Shop Embed tool.  I suggest a row of three or a cluster of four. Users click the ‘Buy’ button to proceed directly to Shapeways checkout. You can use this to put up a few products on your homepage, or put up a whole shop on your website. See what looks best with your site’s design.

Here’s a selection of Jana the bear embedded on – He’s used it to create his whole store.

Shapeways Jana bear

Use the tool, snap a screen shot and post it to twitter! We’ve got a $50 voucher for printing for our favorite, so get embedding! Entries close Monday the 23rd July.

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  1. TheMarchHare

    Any updates on our feature request for the “Buy on Shapeways” button to enable specifying a material? That’s what’s keeping us from using (something very similar to) this more prominently on our site.

    1. Duann

      The buy button will add to cart in your default, specified material.

    2. Brad Dickason

      Hey TheMarchHare,

      As Duann said, it will add the default material already, but we can look into adding an optional material selector if that would be useful.

  2. TheMarchHare

    Thanks virtox and Anonymous for reminding me of this! I just went back through my notes and realized that we are actually using this already. This goes to show that I am getting old and confused… I guess what was lingering in my mind, and what I was actually meant to be referring to, is a way to link directly to a model page with the material already selected. Because we feel that sending a user from our page to a pre-populated shopping cart is bad style. Sorry about mixing these two things up 🙁

    @virtox I tried your examples from your last comment. Not sure if this is a browser-specific issue but when I click “Buy on Shapeways”, the items don’t appear in the cart. After refreshing the cart, they do. I am testing this in the latest version of Chrome.

    1. Virtox

      Anonymous is also me, the blog keeps calling me a spammer, so I post from a different browser sometimes and forget the fields 😉

      To preload a material on a model page use this syntax:

      I cannot reproduce your cart issues though, both firefox and chrome seem to work well with the examples, but I’m no expert, I just like hacking 😉

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