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Shapeways ‘Made in the Future’ Stickers are Now Shipping

You may start to see a special little something start to appear in some of your packages from Shapeways over the coming weeks as we randomly include our Made in the Future stickers into boxes. 

#MadeInTheFuture Shapeways Stickers

We would love to see where you put your stickers, whether on your laptop, car, bike, well, everywhere…

Shoot a photo of your sticker in the wild and post it on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr with the hashtag #madeinthefuture and we will send out some Shapeways T-Shirts to our favorites…

Here are a few sightings so far….

Even if you see a sticker somewhere else in the wild shoot it and tag it……

Made In The Future Williamsburg Bridge

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