Why Open a Shapeways Shop? You Design, We Do the Rest.

The Shapeways gallery is full of amazing 3D printed products designed by individuals all around the world. Each time the one of their products sells they earn money while Shapeways takes care of the financial transaction, fabrication and distribution to the customer. A sweet deal for designers as they can simply do what they do best… design.

Sell Your 3D Printed Designs on Shapeways

Opening a Shapeways Shop is free and anyone can do it. 3DPrinter.net recently posted a great article on how and why to open a Shapeways shop. It give a great account of the process along with some excellent advice on using descriptions for search engine optimization (SEO) that can really help people find your products..

If you are thinking about opening a Shapeways Shop you should take a look at the article by Mark Fleming, if you already have a shop take a look and see if there is any way you can optimize your Shapeways Shop.

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